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Saturday, January 2, 2010

#1 Begin It Now

So ... doing the traditional 'New Year Visioning' thing yesterday, I was giving deep thought to a strategy to move me towards actually accomplishing what I need to/want to-should/could over this next year.

I know what I want to do, for sure. I want to Create. I want something to show for the days I leave behind. I NEED to Create. It feeds me. I have no shortage of ideas or vision. What I have is a short attention span and lack of self discipline.

There are two things that I am particularly passionate about. Okay - there are two HUNDRED things that I'm particularly passionate about. But I am trying to focus here. That scatteredness is a major part of my problem. The two things that I'm speaking of now are WORDS & IMAGES. Both are the catalysts that move me - move me emotionally and move me to create.

Photography is a huge part of my creative process & indeed my life. A little obsessed I might confess. And words ... another obsession. I have collected inspirational quotes for more than 40 years. Last year I planned on taking one of my favourite quotes & using it with one of my images or creations every single day. The intention was to stimulate my creativity, to practise & learn stuff with my photo programs, to use some of the pile of both that I have collected over a lifetime and in the end, to have them all set to publish a book with them. I got to Day Four.

In the pursuit of Focus, I have upped the expectation of myself. I am publicly committing to having one on this blog for each day of the year. And I promise, other than today, to keep the yattering to only THREE lines. Do you know how much of a challenge that is for me? Me, who has such a love affair with words. For whom they constantly swirl around in my head and spill forth through my lips and fingertips. THREE LINES. Now that will take more self-discipline than the actual creating.

The reality is, there will be days that I cannot post. In which case, I will expect myself to have one ready for each of those days. I might have to put up all seven in one week, but I'll do them as separate posts. At the end of the year I will have 365 posts, 365 images. An extensive collection for my card line and book-ready.

Can I do it? Yes I can. Will I do it??? Let's see.

My three lines for this pic:
This was taken at sunrise just down the road from our place in Newfoundland. You won't be seeing too many sunrise pictures from me, for the obvious reason. The quote from Van Goethe, one of my all time favourites.

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